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The Grimrose Path by Rob Thurman

I picked up this book expecting a continuation of Trick of the Light- and all the sarcasm and mayhem contained therein. I was not let down.

About halfway through I actually had to set the book down and applaud quietly. Well played, Trixa. Well played. That…was a plot twist to end all plot twists, and I should have seen it coming. But I didn’t, and therein lies the beauty.

Mayhem, casual violence, shenanigans, Gods and angels and devils and everything in between- Grimrose Path takes the promise of Trick of the Light and turns it up a notch. Whereas I had originally described the relationship between Griffin and Zeke as a clone of that of Nik and Cal from Thurman’s other series, that comparison proves superficial as I was hauled through Grimrose. My only problem with the series, laid to rest. What more could a reader ask for?

Maybe a fantastic incarnation of Loki? check.
An incarnation of Thor too delightfully wrong to ignore? taken care of.
An urban fantasy heroine that does not jump in bed with every sexxy were-thing or vampire in town? Trixa’s on it.

The politics of Heaven and Hell get even more complicated in this one, and our Trixa is right in the middle of it. As always.

This one does not let you down. It builds and builds and the payoff at the end is magnificent.


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