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Diary of a Dragon by Tad Williams

“Dear Diary, Went out shopping today. Picked up half a dozen sheep, two pigs, and a princess.” –Diary of a Dragon, Tad Williams pg 7.

Thus began the most enjoyable jaunt with a chapbook I have ever had. It’s a short, fun treasure for fans of Tad Williams, or anyone who grew up loving the rather skewed relationship between Dragons and Princesses that is woven through the fantasy genre. I was raised on Patricia C. Wrede, so I have a certain fond spot for Princesses who don’t end up being quite what a dragon would expect. The voice of his Dragon perfect, and Williams uses the diary format to really sell the reader on the grumpy shut-in personality.  A dragon who is comfortable in his cave, with his Diary, and all the livestock he can be bothered to snatch (though, his wings aren’t as young as they used to be).

He really should have eaten the Princess when he had the chance. Nothing quite as disruptive as a feisty princess.

Recommended for a bit of good fun. For veterans of the epic fantasy genre, it is laugh out loud funny more often than not. For casual fans of either Dragons or Princesses, or the things that happen when the two cross paths, it is definitely worth the read.

Available as a limited chapbook and eBook from Subterranean Press

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