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Pilgrim of the Sky by Natania Barron

Maddie’s boyfriend Alvin has vanished, an assumed suicide, and she has finally gotten herself together enough to start moving on. She agrees to take Alvin’s troubled brother Randy with her on one last trip to drop off some of Alvin’s books to an old colleague.

And that is where she is pulled through an antique and into the body of Matilda, an opium addicted seamstress who is married to Randall, who looks frighteningly similar to Randy.  Randall who tells her Alvin is alive, and professes to know how to find him.

Thus starts Maddie’s terrifying and beautiful experience in a strange new world where Mary is the deity on high and America has a queen, one of eight worlds all existing in harmony with each other, hosting a series of reflected individuals with supernatural abilities known as twains. Matilda is Maddie’s twain, as Randall is to Randy. She will search for Alvin and try to make sense with his disappearance and learn more of his motives than anyone had expected. In all of the personal politics of the very powerful and very long lived Maddie has to find her place and help keep the balance between the worlds intact.

Pilgrim of the Sky is a trip through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole for a new audience of readers. It is a ethereal mirage of splintered gods, improbable magic, and the threads of humanity that weave us all together. Above all it is a story about love, in each of its aspects and all of its possibilities.

Pilgrim of the Sky will be released by Candlemark & Gleam. There is also a Kickstarter for the book running for the next few days!